Project Goals

Recognizing an opportunity to grow revenue from its brick-and-mortar stores by developing their educational toys and games departments, Barnes & Noble leadership launched an initiative to overhaul these departments in several pilot stores. Having recently purchased Tikatok, the online publishing service for children where I worked as a product manager, BN invited the team to collaborate on an in-store experience of the service in these pilot stores. This experience would serve two primary functions: to drive awareness of the service and generate future revenue via the sale of Tikatok gift cards.

My Role

As Product Manager at Barnes & Noble, I collaborated with internal business development, merchandising, marketing, engineering, and design specialists on creative approaches to representing our digital product in a physical space. After the concept stage the project was broken into multiple interdependent work-streams:

  • Design and fabrication of a custom retail kiosk – On this aspect of the project I mainly provided creative input and feedback to a third party industrial design firm, although the final kiosk design would come to closely resemble one of my early concept sketches.
  • Design and manufacture of Tikatok-branded “creativity kits” that would be sold at the kiosk – Desiring to provide a product with a more tangible feel than a typical gift card, I created a prototype for a retail package that would contain a booklet along with the product coupons and claim codes. I wrote and illustrated the content for the booklet, an irreverent “author’s guide,” and worked with an external visual designer to adapt it into the final product.
  • Software development for a touchscreen display that would be a central focus of the kiosk – I scoped the reading and writing features that would be included in the kiosk, created the wireframes for the full experience, and managed the project through to completion on a very tight deadline.

Product Gallery

Digital Storytelling Kiosk and Writing Kits
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