Project Goals

The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab was a research project sponsored by the Singaporean government and directed by the MIT Comparative Media Studies department that sought to explore new possibilities for the video games medium via the creation of high fidelity game prototypes by students and faculty. For its first summer program, my team was paired with games researcher Eric Klopfer with the goal of creating a fun mobile game that would also embed players within a multiplayer simulation.

GAMBIT is now the MIT Game Lab.

For a detailed analysis of the research project and our game development process, see the article I co-authored with principal investigator Henry Jenkins and other researchers in The Video Game Theory Reader 2.

My Role

GAMBIT partnered MIT students with the best and brightest undergraduate engineers, designers, and project managers from Singapore to create small but complete game development teams. Teams worked within the Scrum software development framework to create a fully validated game prototype in 6 weeks. As Game Designer, I led the design process from concept to final delivery by encouraging and channeling my team’s creativity and extensively testing our core game loop with players. The prototype that we created was nominated for “Best Mobile Game” and “Innovation in Mobile Game Design” at the Independent Games Festival. Later, this prototype would be expanded by a professional team in Singapore and released to iOS in that country.

Product Gallery

Backflow – Mobile Action/Simulation Game
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